Master Studies

In the degree courses for a Master of Science in Engineering (MSE), students deepen their knowledge about a specific topic. Besides the chosen specialization, the students extend their theoretical foundation in higher mathematics as well. A link is thereby established between abstract concepts and real life applications. This is crucial for innovation.

Support for MSE students

The maths modules are part of the module group «extended theoretical foundations.» The description and specifications of these modules are accessible through these pages at MSE Master of Science in Engineering. These modules are offered in Zurich or Berne for all students from every University of Applied Sciences and have two hours of lectures and one hour of exercises per week. The major part of the workload consists of self study.

In the Maths Centre, we provide support for our MSE students as they work through the various topics of these advanced modules. An appointment is only needed for specialized topics and problems. We want to connect you with the best possible expert in your problem area. In all other cases, please come in whenever the door is open.

Upon request, we also find out whether the UAS or one of its institutes owns user licences for some particular software package so that you can use it legally in your course work.