Mathematics Conference

The well established «Fachkonferenz Mathematik» affords the opportunity to exchange experience and maintain the link between the School of Engineering and the advanced vocational schools or similar schools within the range of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. Awareness of the developping issues at the junction of the vocational schools and the UAS is very important to us from both perspectives. This broader perspective allows us both to provide the best possible support for our students at entry level. This continuous blending of interests from the university and the vocational schools increases our prospective students' success rates, as well as our own attractiveness, yielding a pure win-win situation for all!

2018: Saturday, 27th October

This year's conference sets the focus on didactics.

Attending the conference is free of charge.

2017: Saturday, 28th October

The heading of this meeting was «Digital Change in Maths Instruction». Nowadays, smart phones or tablets afford access to powerful mathematical environments, such as Octave, Matlab oder Python and its derivatives. Given these tools, the dividing line between end users and developers becomes more and more blurred. In order to fully exploit the possibilities lying at our fingertips, some skills in the area of algorithmic thinking should be worked into our ways of teaching maths at all levels.

  • Leaflet with programme
  • Tobias Kohn: Von Zahlen bis Funktionen: Wo sich die Mathematik und die Programmierung unterscheiden und bereichern
  • Roger Burkhardt: Python als Alternative zu Computer Algebra Systemen
  • Christian Fäs: Erfahrungen mit Matlab im BM-Unterricht
  • Ernst Gutknecht: Smartphones und Tablets als neue Generation von Taschenrechnern


2016: Saturday, 29th October


2015: Saturday, 25th April


2013: Saturday, 26th October

  • Leaflet with programme 
  • Benno Frei: CAS im BM-Unterricht, eine Herausforderung für die Lehrpersonen
  • Michael Roser: Das Konzept der TI-Nspire Technologie mit seinen vielfältigen Einsatzmöglichkeiten


2012: Saturday, 27th October

  • Leaflet with programme
  • Beat Jaggi: Teaching is: Giving opportunities to the students to discover things by themselves
  • Louis-Sepp Willimann: Blended Math Teaching — Erfahrungen mit der Realisierung eines Werkzeugs und dessen Einsatz im Unterricht


2011: Saturday, 29th October


2010: Saturday, 30th October

2009: Saturday, 24th October

2008: Saturday, 25th October

2007: Saturday, 27th Oktober